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Kissing the Pink/KTP tells us the following:

April 2, 2015
KTP have created a Bandcamp site and are releasing new music there.

February 7, 2011
George writes:
We've got a little half hour warm-up gig on Sat Feb 12, downstairs after this event here:
The LUC show itself should be well worth seeing anyway, the LUC is excellent - we've collaborated with them on a couple of our new tracks.

July 22, 2010
KTP have created a new blog in preparation for their new release. Nick writes:
Half the album now mixed,live show rehearsals soon to start. First EP release in October.

February 16, 2010
New album details. Nick writes:
We are getting close to finishing our album now! Early next month we are deciding what the first EP will consist of. We have some small films we've been doing while making the LP.

November 20, 2009
Kissing the Pink are working on a new album. Nick writes:
Things moving along with KTP album. We're just getting established on all the social networking sites, the next thing to bring as many fans on board as possible and let them know what we are doing. We are already getting songs ready for the album!

December 18, 2008
Kissing the Pink have ben securing the rights to their music from various publishers and labels, with the intent of distributing their entire catalogue online in the coming years. To that end, Warner Publishing recently conducted an inventory of KTP recordings in their vaults, and I received a copy of the inventory.

July 15, 2008
Three of the founding members of Kissing the Pink, George, Jon, and Nick, are involved in a new organizational-development consultancy based in London. See more details about APOD here, and follow the 'Who We Are' link to see the APOD Music Facilitators.

September 25, 2006
Kissing the Pink were involved in the writing and production of the album by X-Press 2 entitled 'Makeshift Feelgood'. Nick Whitecross was credited with the vocals on four of the album tracks.

March 20, 2006
Wounded Bird Records has confirmed that they will be re-releasing 'Naked' on CD within the next few months.

January 11, 2000. George writes:
Well the project with Steve fell through round about the middle of 1999, which was a devastating disappointment to us as we'd put so much work into it. The relevantly crucial A&R man hated our stuff apparently - our only consolation is that we have heard this A&R man has been notorious for signing *nothing* on during his tenure, and he is known to hate pretty much everything!) For quite a few months neither Jon nor Nick nor I have really been doing any music, all three of us partly out of dispiritedness, Jon partly because he has been doing up his new flat and has found doing stuff like laying floors more immediately rewarding than doing music! But recently the juices have started flowing again, and we've got the beginnings of another project.

April 10, 1999. George writes:
News at the moment: the KTP thing is either on hold or mutating into a project with a singer, we're not sure which. Nick, Jon and I have been working on some cool trax with a chap called Steve Balsamo, who has a deal with Sony at the moment, has done some great demos with Nick, but hasn't yet had any luck with Sony assigning appropriate producers to turn them into hits. So we're trying to knock up something that'll create a vibe for Steve and make us some money. We've been in the studio for a couple of 2-3 day stretches working on "Universal Love" and "Beautiful World" (which is now probably just about in a good enough state to play to Sony). We're back in the studio in a few weeks time to do some more work on "Universal Love".

March 25, 1999
jon & george & nick have said to say that they're doing some work with a bloke called steve balsamo (who played jesus christ superstar for ages in the west end here and who is apparently a really nice bloke). they're going to get a house out in the country and write some songs ( and make some money?)

just been on the phone to nick. he sends his love and says to say that he really appreciates all the time and effort you put into the KTP thing. he's off to ibiza tomorrow to see his woman and his little daughter who're setting up home there. he says to say that he and Swedish martin are busy writing an album with a girl called Shea Seger Smith (from Virginia beach).

October 15, 1998
Some points of interest:-

  • Nick's got a project he's been working on that's nearly finished called "The Beautiful Album", which will be kind of songy/ambient.
  • To get the KTP CDs ball rolling, we've got a few bits and pieces that have been hanging around from the old days that I don't think Kim's even got, which I'm sure would be of interest to KTP fans, and we'd like to get that together as a sort of compilation of bits and bobs.
  • Lastly, we're definitely going to start playing here in London in the New Year - a few low profile gigs to warm up, and then maybe a few more high profile, where we'll try and get a buzz going. We'll be preparing the live DAT between now and then. We'll probably play mostly stuff from Sugarland, but adding a few that aren't on Sugarland - probably "Black Suit" and a new one called "Buddha's Words".
  • Oh, and once we've done some more live, and tested the waters and had a bit of fun, we'll do another album, I think.