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(Thanks to Stefan Schwanke & Simon)
1989 Press Bio: SS1.jpg
German Press Clippings: SS2.jpg
1983 Magnet Press Release: SS3.jpg
German Handbill for 'CTAL': SS4.jpg
'CTAL' Promo Photo: SS5.jpg
'CTAL' Promo Photo: SS6.jpg
'CTAL' Promo Photo: SS7.jpg
'CTAL' Promo Photo: SS9.jpg
KTP Magnet Promo Collateral: SS8.jpg
Personal photo from 1985: Summer85_1.jpg
Personal photo from 1985: Summer85_2.jpg
Personal photo from 1985: Summer85_3.jpg
Personal photo from 1985: Summer85_4.jpg
'What Noise' photo sessions: Contact Sheet 1
'What Noise' photo sessions: Contact Sheet 2
'What Noise' photo sessions: Contact Sheet 3
Early Collage from Live Show: Pink Collage